Every project we undertake begins with researching the home site (Genius Loci), understanding the client's vision (Design Parti) and careful expression of the concept (Construction Administration.)

Genius Loci refers to the “spirit of the place.” This is the first step in the process. It teaches us everything we need to know to properly govern the design and construction of your home. Its more than just the view, the sun and wind, it’s also local zoning bylaws, town health codes, state energy efficiency guidelines and federal wet-lands protections. The permitting analysis can be complex, but is an essential step.

Design Parti. Your dreams fuel our imaginations. That is why each home we design is unique.  Whether you prefer modern luxury or classic comfort, your home will be a reflection of who you are. Additionally, we are inspired by everything this island has to offer. Looking out or looking in, each project is designed to augment the natural environment of this beautiful Island.

Construction Administration is about protecting your investment and ensuring the accuracy and quality of construction. We visit the site as often as needed to inspect every element of construction from the framing and rough utilities to the final coat of paint.