Sam Sherman, Principal

Sam has more than 35 years experience in the design and construction industries. His academic training in Architecture was at The Rhode Island School of Design and the Boston Architectural Center. Coming to the Vineyard to live in 1970, Sam worked as a carpenter for many years, doing general contracting himself before being hired by Architect Niels Gabel Jorgensen. Sam was with Niels for over six years doing residential and commercial design. Although Sam still holds a Massachusetts Contractor's License, he has devoted his time solely to design for the past 28 years. As Principal of the Firm, Mr. Sherman is directly involved in all projects taking a lead role in the design process and relying heavily on his construction experience during the preparation of construction documents. Although other members of the Firm may share the load during construction administration, Sam remains actively involved in each project through its conclusion.


Tom Carberry, Senior Associate

Tom is a graduate of Syracuse University and has worked in the marine industry for 25 years. Experienced in all phases of boat building and repair, Tom specialized in design, pattern making, illustration and technical drawing. Other pursuits include residential carpentry, architectural rendering and model making, and fine art. Tom measures and records information related to existing buildings for renovation projects as well as additions. Tom also works on construction drawings preparing site plans, floor plans, and elevations.


Ezra Sherman, Associate

Ezra specializes in 3-D modeling and rendering, working with our top associates to deliver beautiful and functional images of our projects. The benefits of modeling a project are not just superficial but assist in project planning, helping clients to visualize their space and permitting boards, such as the Zoning Board of Appeals, to better understand the scope of a project's impact. Ezra also works on construction drawings, floor plans, elevations and interiors.

josh fehrenbach, Associate

Josh graduated from Kent State University in 2018 with a Masters in Architecture. Throughout his education Josh was exposed to the latest technology in relation to architecture and design; including 3D modeling, rendering, advanced fabrication, and robotics. He has hands on experience in the construction industry as well as the landscape design discipline. The connection that can be formed between Designer and Client inspires Josh’s truest passion; residential design. This connection and passion acts as the fuel in which he uses to create his work.


Jenn Z. Shattuck, Administrator


Kate Sherman, Office Manager